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This is simply some really helpful and super free fitness & food information

No tricks, shortcuts, or false promises...Just results.



(This information is simply for those who wish to make health and body changes...
Despite my sometimes, crass, cavalier and "insubordinate" attitude--if anyone decides they are not interested in making these changes or pursuing a certain level of fitness--I'm cool with that...
Of course, it would be nice if people could be healthier...and happier--but everyone has their own limit.
No judgments--my attack on fat is just that--an attack on fat, not on people...
The last thing I want is anyone assuming that one person is "better" than another just because they are in shape, have abs, or whatever...
(and please read on, you'll discover that abs you can see don't have as much to do with being in shape as corporate America would like you to believe)...
Even though I think they're kind of cool...

I used to be chubby...
Check out this FATSO...(1980)
...not a monster, but a blob, nonetheless.

3% bodyfat is possible...
It can be done...(2000)
...but is it worth it?

It must be
that there are
worse things
than being
Never get
in shape
for anyone--
But YOU.
you don't
have to--Unless
you want to...
Then you must.

The above picture on the right was an educational experiment
regarding goals, limits and purpose...
For some the path to such a level of fitness is not worth it. 
If this is your decision, that is okay.

For some the path is easy. 
For others it is much more difficult.
For some the path is a destiny...

(I also understand some people are born like this and all they do is lie around
 eating jelly beans and chips--I don't know what their heart looks like,
but cest la vie--this is not about them--this is about YOU).

What is it you realy want?
Only YOU can answer that question.
Aside from six pack abs, being "cut", and all the lean focus, your
physique needs to perform and function...What a novel concept, huh?
Your health is more of a priority, than how you look--BUT you can have both...
If you are willing to put in the time...All good things accomplished TAKE TIME.

Personally, I naturally hold a little more bodyfat on my mid-section--
than I do on other parts of my body.
Everyone is different.  Just because a model or a magazine suggests otherwise,
doesn't mean they aren't lying to you.  Because they are.

And so much like everything else in life...The goal should be the journey...
THE PROCESS...(I like that word...Life really is a process, not a destination)...
 Hopefully I can share some bits of information and experience that can assist you in your process of achieving whatever health and physique you desire (or think you desire)...Then YOU can decide what is important and what is not important...
Remember, there will be sacrifices to be made, for like it has been said,
"If you say, 'YES' to one thing, you are also saying, 'NO' to something else."

A lot of people have their self-worth wrapped up in how they look or appear...
Looking the way you want to look is great--
but your identity doesn't rest on this and NEVER should.
People solely equating their health with their image and that is an error.

So, with all the seemingly contradictory rhetoric I've spat out, what is the bottom line? 
Society has not only set unrealistic standards, but unhealthy standards as well. 
You cannot look to society, trends or  fashion for guidelines...
MY core physical goals are health and functionality...
And then I personally have an idea about a certain look that I desire. 

The paradox is this:  True health and satisfaction is a worthy goal,
but one should not sacrifice health and satisfaction in the pursuit of it.


Barring any serious medical issues, it's simple arithmatic...  I'm planning on writing book on this very subject.  It will have 4 pages, with one word on each page.  Pg1. EAT...  Pg2. LESS...  Pg3.  MOVE...  Pg4.  MORE...  THE END

The reality is that calories IN vs. calories OUT will control your body's destiny.  Do you have to count calories?  Probably.  It is a pain in the ass at first, but then it becomes 2nd nature.  Portion size is another issue that needs to be taken into consideration...  Sure, that ice cream is fat free--But you don't need to eat it out of a kettle.

300 + 300 = BONFIRE!
Burn off 300 more calories than you eat...Eat 300 calories less than you normally eat...And you will flamethrower your fat ass.

Resistance training is the key to physique transformation and overall health...  Not only are you burning calories when resistance training, you're building muscle.  For every one pound of muscle you gain--You burn an additional 30 calories a day--At rest.  This means, gain ten pounds of muscle and you will burn 300 extra calories a day regardless of what you do (as long as you keep that muscle).  Over the course of one calendar year that is 110,000 calories, which equals about 30 pounds of pure gooey gelatinous FAT.  Remember, this is 30 less pounds by doing nothing but gaining 10 pounds of muscle.  Muscle is 1/3 the size of fat for the same weight--So don't worry about getting musclebound--That takes specific focus and lotsa extra calories...Unless you're a genetic freak--but in that case, you probably wouldn't be reading this...

No offense to all you fatties, but unless you have some limiting injuries, you should be doing something intense.  Have you ever noticed that you see fit people running and fat people walking?  You could argue that the fat people eventually lose enough weight and then start running.  Probably not.  If this was the case, America would not be getting fatter every year.  The exception to this is if you walk uphill AND carry something gnarly like cinder blocks, tires, logs, or a bank safe...Then walking is not only good for you, but great for you.  I love walking...But unless you do A LOT of it, you won't get far.  Now, hiking and brisk walking are solid activities, I'm just picking on walking for those who "avoid" taking it to the next level.  Doing ANYTHING is better than nothing and I understand everyone has a different starting point.

Humans need coping mechanisms.  Choosing food as yours will make you fat and unhealthy.  Food cannot be your drug.  If you're compulsive--Find a positive addiction--BUT HAVE SOME CHECKS AND BALANCES...Or you'll compulsions will control you...You don't want to end up in your own 3am spin class because you ate a box of Cracker Jack's.

The why should you taste your food when you eat it?  Food is fuel!  Your body is a machine!  Okay, that might be a little extreme...but I've been there, so I know.  There are still choices to be made regarding your food selection.  Eat clean.  Clean can be tasty...Just research healthier alternatives to your current eating style.  On the surface, does a diet of lunchmeat, donuts, salad dressing, and pork rinds seem to make sense?  Do you need a doctor to tell you what to eat?  (It's sad but so many doctors appear clueless regarding nutrition or fitness--Most of them are too busy to take the time to eat right and exercise.  Many are stuck in rules of yesteryear.  Generally chiropractors seem to have a better grasp on fitness and nutrition.  You could try talking to a person who has actually had long term success (if you can find one).  It's nearly impossible to find a person who's been a fatty, then ripped it off--And then kept it off.  They exist...but it may take some time to find one.  Moderation and food choice issues for Americans is really a problem.  Many people struggle greatly.  Find those who've "made it" and pick their brains, for they are your best assets.  If Arnold and Yoda had baby--that's your guy, or girl.  Look at the fat people around you...How many diets have failed?  How many gizmos are in the closet?  I can't argue with 5-10 servings of fruit & vegetables a day, can you?  Eat natural when possible.  Avoid overly processed foods.  Lessen fat, salt, chemicals.  Up water, fiber, lean proten.  The Atkins Diet is pretty extreme.  Fat people love to be on Atkins because you an drink cheese and gargle bacon all day and night and feel good about it (it can work for a few people with carbohydrate issues...But I mean a VERY FEW).

Where do supplements fit in?  Food-based supplements work.  Stimulants work.  Creatine Monohydrate works--If you want to put on intra-muscular water weight--which is fine.  Of course, vitamins & minerals are useful.  A lot of things "work"...But at what cost?  Financially &  healthfully?  Frankly, aside from using a little caffeine to get you exercising--if you need it...(the benefits will outweigh the risks unless you have a medical condition that states otherwise).  Most everything else on the market is a gimmick.  A protein/energy bar is fine--Just remember, it's food.  Work it in to your meal plan as a food source.  If it's a protein powder or pill and is convenient for you--Excellent.  If it's 5 pounds of fruits and vegetables in a pill--Perfect.  Caffeine and ephedra-related products work very well to suppress your appetite and stimulate your central nervous system off the sofa.  It's a personal/medical issue...I don't tend to agree with the sensationalism regarding the dangers of ephedra & caffeine...  Where are the bodies?...Tylenol deaths are far more concerning...I realize that this a personal issue.  Use caution with ANYTHING you put in your body...  This an argument for another time...I do understand the system and the culture we live in...The Chinese have used it safely for 1000's of years...But here in America, we have issues with appetite and control...Once again, it's your call...I'm not advocating it or saying I use it--but this writing is about what works...Put some time into your decision-making.  A balanced diet with convenient supplementation can help you successfully reach your goals.  KEEP IN MIND, WONDER-PILL PROMISES ARE EMPTY.  If it takes a pill to get you to do anything--then you probably are not properly motivated (or motivated by the right reasons).  When in doubt, or when it seems too good to be true--It's probably a waste of your money.

Do you really need to put your cereal in mixing bowl?  And get rid of that giant spoon.  Drink lotsa water.  Don't eat before or after a certain time.  Be aware of the emotional and environmental cues that make you reach for food.  Using tricks can help you develop good habits.  For the record, I don't believe in magic...All that fantasy Harry Potter gooney-goo-goo does nothing for me. 

"I just wanna lose a little off my hips."  No chance.  Sure, in time you'll lose it if you work hard...But there is NO SUCH THING AS SPOT REDUCTION.  You can only lose total bodyfat.  If you're a woman and you're lucky enough to lose it off your hips as opposed to your breasts (i've read somewhere that large breasts are popular), then so be it--but it's really out of your control.  Everyone is different.  Men could lose fat off their legs first and end up keeping their gut.  Do what you can do and then accept yourself and just get healthy.  Additionally, doing endless exercises focusing on your target area is a waste of energy.  1000 situps a day is unnecessary...unless that's your "thing".    Everyone has abs, but most people have them covered with blubber.  Remember, calories in, calories out.  It's that simple.  Your genetics will take care of the rest.

You must use obsession to your advantage.  Like anything else, if you pursue your chosen task half-heartedly, you will only reap half-hearted results.  Who are you doing this for?  What is your goal?  Why do you wish to change?  When are you going to do it?



1. Eat 4-6 small meals per day. 
Spread your calories out evenly during the day to help keep your metabolism moving and your energy levels naturally high. Try to target balancing each meal so that they contain roughly the same amount of calories.  Meal replacement shakes and meal replacement bars are an easy way to supplement up to 3 meals per day--INSTEAD OF MEALS--NOT IN ADDITION TO MEALS!

2. Balance each meal with protein, carbs, fat and fiber. 
By providing reasonable amounts of these three essential nutrients at each meal, your body will have the fuel it needs to run at an optimum level. Balancing the nutritional make-up of your meals also helps prevent the storage of body fat.  There are some people who get pretty Nazi about food combining.  If that works for you, great, but I never noticed any big differences when I did it.  Frankly, it made me more hungry if I didn't have enough fiber and fat.  A moderate amount of each seems reasonable to me--and it has helped me also DEAL WITH CRAVINGS...

  • Preferred sources of protein: organic dairy & eggs, organic lean meats, poultry, fish (I don't eat animals). 
  • Preferred sources of carbohydrates: fruit, vegetables, beans, some whole grains.
  • Preferred sources of fats: seeds, nuts, avocados, coconut, vegetable oils.

3. Choose the right carbohydrates.  When constructing your meals, select complex carbohydrates that are colorful and high in fiber (like fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts). Try to avoid highly processed carbohydrates like pasta, bagels, crackers, soda and candy. Highly processed carbs have little nutritional value and can easily be stored as body fat. If it is a carbohydrate and it comes in a bag or a box, you should be suspicious.  THEY ALSO DON'T FILL YOU UP THE WAY GOOD WHOLE FOOD SHOULD...ARE WE SEEING A PATTERN HERE?

4.  Eat until you are no longer hungry, not until you are bloated monster.
  A common mistake people make in their everyday eating habits is that they just eat too much (why did I feel so stupid writing that?). They eat until they are literally bursting at the waistline. You don't need to be stuffed at every meal.  Take less food and if you finish...WAIT a little while before you return to the trough. . . Despite what your mom told you, it is ok to leave food on your plate.  Keep your portion sizes under control.  If you find yourself eating for no reason, or you just can’t stop, you are probably eating to fill a void in your life, as many people do. No shame here, it's a reality.  But let's be honest and address it.  Taking some time to evaluate the areas of your life that are making you unhappy may help.  Food is not the answer, and overeating always results in feeling worse.  THE UNITED STATES IS THE MOST COMPULSIVE CULTURE IN THE WORLD...IT'S WHAT MAKES US GREAT--IT'S ALSO WHAT MAKES US FAT, EXHAUSTED & IF YOU WIRED A CERTAIN WAY, MORE LIKELY TO BECOME ADDICTED.  Explore your reasons, motivations and feelings.  If not, success in this area is rare.

5. Don’t cut your calories too low. 
Drastic calorie cutting attempts usually result in failure.  If you are looking for lasting results and success in this area and not just a quick fix, then your best bet is to aim for about 3/4 of your “normal” caloric, or food, intake. Putting your body into starvation mode will ultimately derail your weight loss attempts. Your body will fight back by trying to hold onto your fat even more tightly!  Slow and steady wins the weight loss war.  YOU WILL ALSO MOST LIKELY 'SNAP' EMOTIONALLY AND GO ON A BINGE THAT WILL HAVE YOU FEELING CRAPPY AND DEPRESSED.  IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, BUT WE'RE AIMING FOR SUCCESS...LET'S PLAN TO SUCCEED.  STARVATION EATS UP MUSCLE FASTER THAN FAT...AND MUSCLE IS YOUR FAT FRYING FRIEND--REMEMBER?...EITHER WAY, IF THERE AIN'T ENOUGH FUEL...YOUR PHYSIQUE TRANFORMATION WILL SLOW AND EVENTUALLY YOU'LL BREAK DOWN.

6. Give yourself a break...Don't crucify yourself if you derail or make some bad choices.
  Furthermore, DON'T do the old, "well, I blew it, so I'm gonna blow it for the rest of the day and start tomorrow" gig.  That's a common rationalization to give in...And it does show some signs of fearing success. Use a week as an assessment guide instead of a day...You'll have good days and bad days, but how was your overall week?  (We're talking food here.  You can't use this particular example with substance abuse issues--there are similarities and it is possible to derail with food in such a way that you binge beyond sanity--and don't snap out of it for months or more...But your death will be long term.  If you're abstaining from a substance and you derail--the stakes are more acute.  So, be clean today.  Now.  Take each moment as it comes).  As I was saying regarding food, a slip up is a slip up.  A mistake is a mistake--Move on. Remember, you cannot gain a significant amount of body fat or ruin your health in just one day or one meal. It takes weeks and weeks of poor eating to add big weight and kill your health.  Speaking of durations, remember, making positive changes takes time.  You need to have the willingness to endure pain over time as well as reflect on your discomfort--study it...In time, it will become pattern and part of your character.  ADDITIONALLY, DON'T BE SO RIGID AS TO NOT BE REAL--ADD SOME FLEXIBILITY TO YOUR ROUTINE--AND THE MORE YOU PLAN AHEAD, THE MORE IN CONTROL OF YOUR PERSONAL PROGRAM YOU WILL FEEL.

7. Get your body moving with exercise.  You will not reach your health goals without getting your body in motion.  Exercise helps you burn calories more efficiently, improves blood circulation to all parts of your body (including your brain--intense exercise can produce a surprising euphoria) helps your skin stay young looking, and even improves bone strength.  Just 3 or 4 workouts per week is enough to get some truly life-changing benefits from exercise. There are so many types of activities you can participate in. There is no excuse.  Resistance training is great for both men and women to build muscle strength. The more muscle your body has, the more calories it burns per day.  That was worth repeating.  Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to get your blood pumpin’ and your energy levels high.  And if you can do some of your exercise outdoors and breathe in some fresh air too--excellent...WORTH NOTING:  A HIGH ENERGY PERSON WITH AN ATHLETIC ATTITUDE (YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A HARDBODY--YOU JUST HAVE TO ACT & "FEEL" LIKE ONE) IS THE REAL DEFINITION OF "SEXY".

8. Drink plenty of water.
  Drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day is essential for fat loss.  I suppose you could drink & glasses of water a day and that would be okay, too.  Why is it always 4-6 or 8-10?  How about 5-7 or 9-11?  I'm digressing.  Water helps your digestion, helps you feel energized and gives you a feeling of fullness.  In addition, water seems to act as a natural appetite suppressant. In fact, people on diets who do not increase their water intake will find themselves feeling “hungry” much more often and more severely than those who do increase their water consumption. Plus, the more time you spend in the bathroom, the less time you will be digging through the fridge (unless you like to eat on the toilet).  I'm kidding.  I think.  One possible reason for this is that dieters are getting less water from their food, because they’re eating less food, so the body is actually craving fluid. These cravings can be significantly curbed with increased water intake.  WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES IT TAKE FOR PEOPLE TO REALIZE WE PRIMARILY MADE UP OF WATER?!

You will succeed if you're willing to pay the price...
And I'm not talking about money.

If you're serious about making a total health change,
or maybe you just want to be able to see your abs,
 I do o
ffer some guidance, meal plans & exercise routines. 
I will design a program to fit YOUR needs. 
Or I will point you in a helpful direction.

Medical Disclaimer:  I am NOT a medical professional.  The information on this site is meant to be a helpful guideline based on my personal experiences.  I prefer to use an irreverant tone lighten up what could be considered dry material.  If you're overweight and out of shape and you felt like I was picking on you--I wasn't.  I was just trying to motivate and put things in illustrative terms that wake people up.  My goal is to help you discover what it is you want and why you want it and what you are willing to do to get it.  There is a definitive emotional component to change.  It needs to be explored.  Anyway, it is always advised that you consult a medical professional before you start or change any of your exercise or eating habits.  It's your health, so do what you feel to be prudent.



created & copyrighted by david j. sperling