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 "d-BISCUITs" are baked in David J. Sperling's cerebral oven...whenever the temperature is just right...  Although inspired, these electric snacks are purely original and designed to give you the neural nutrition, furious energy and explosive inspiration to wreck all that is wrong and fight for all that is right.

"Live for an audience of ONE."
(1/30/2009 - You do not work for your country, state, city company or boss.  You don't even work for yourself.  You live and work for an audience of ONE.  Think about it.  The ONE you work for doesn't change with what's popular.  There are no fiscal or psycho-emotional agendas.  There is no moral relativity.  Your full accountibility is to the ONE who is always present and watching...and listening.
If you can frame your life and work and grasp this dynamic, your burden will be manageable and you will be much more effective at carrying out your purpose.

So, what do you do when you get discouraged?  If you feel like you've been serving diligently in any area of your life and you don't see the results or any difference being made in any forum, you need to remember what you or others see doesn't matter as much as what your audience of ONE sees.  The theater is empty, except for ONE. 


"If you want to make a difference, you have to do things differently."
(1/21/2009 - How often do you hear people talk about changing or doing something, yet they often go about the process of change by doing everything exactly the same as they always have.  By definition, the results will probably be the same.  The status quo will fail you.  You must take a different path if you want your destination to be different.).

"Nice teeth don't save lives--Smiles do."
(5/6/2008 - You can work on your teeth all you want, but it's your smile that matters, and the less you use it--the less impact you have.  Smiles are the tools babies use best.  It saves their lives.  Once you get a little older, your smile starts to save the lives of others.  Your teeth don't matter, but your smile does.  Use it.  The intention to improve our smiles is good--but the unconscious desire is to really improve our smiles.  Ironically, none of the invasive treatments are necessary, because it's the smile itself that holds the power.
There's a story of a man who left a note on his fridge just before he walked 20 miles to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco.  The note said, "If one person smiles at me, I won't jump."  The man jumped and remarkably lived.  Lived to talk about it.
What does this say about you?  What does this say about your smile?  Is it entirely possible that had you passed this desperate man, and simply smiled, that he would have changed his mind?  Yes it is.  Life is about the little moments.  A glance, a touch, a smile...  They are difference makers.  As are you.  No matter how ineffective you feel, no matter how small or worthless your faulty thinking may make you feel.  Know that none of it is true.  You have worth and value.  The evidence is in your smile.).



"Test positive."
(4/30/2008 - I just tested positive....For having a great attitude!  Sounds a bit like motivational shlock--it is--but it's true.  A lot of these old school fuddy-duddy nearly cliche concepts ARE in fact useful and true.  We seem to want to ignore the basics, the obvious, and that which truly works.  The truth is your attitude is the only thing you have total control over.  As life tests you, TEST POSITIVE.  Why not?  Being positive has to do with your attitude in the face of reality--not in spite of it.  Too many times people think that being positive is an act of ignoring painful realities--this is not true at all.  Being positive is about facing painful realities with an attitude that fosters significance and peace.  You have some control to make the most your situation.  When life tests you, time and time again, TEST POSITIVE.).



"Your scars are your story, not your excuse."
(3/27/2008 - Your horrid upbringing, and your dysfunctional disaster of a marriage, and your self-inflicted mayhem are all relative to anyone elses weekly subscription to a lifetime of punishment.  But, after it's been dealt with, it's time to catalogue it as your unique story--the foundation that made you, you.  No longer are you allowed to heave around these painful volumes of despair and inadequacy.  These are your stories--and they go on the shelf.  The burden is gone--but the story remains, the knowledge remains.  Yes, the scars are present.  But that is it...even though they may itch every once in awhile.  Still, they represent REPAIR, NOT DAMAGE.  Your scar represents your story of repair.  By definition--you cannot use your scar as an excuse.  A scar has healed.  A scar is not an open wound.  A scar is proof of strength.  Respect you scars--make no excuses--tell your story.).



"They do not know what they are doing."
(2/14/2008 - If they did, they could provide results and evidence, right?  Well, they can't and they don't.  People who know what they're doing are typically able to repeat their results.  They can explain what they're thinking and doing and they are never afraid of questions.  If questions frighten or anger someone, then they probably don't know what they're doing.  Or they aren't as clear on it as they should be.  Answers draped in fear or drizzled in control--these answers illustrate that maybe they don't know what they're doing.  Furthermore, is it the end of the world if you don't know what you are doing?  No.  But if you stay honest with yourself, you've got a starting point to discovery--and there is everything good about that.).


"Know your code."
(1/1/2008 - You are unique.  Period.  You have a unique chromosonal code.  So why work so hard to be like everyone else?  Get to know yourself.   Study your issues.  Study your moments.  Every day requires a bit of an investigation.  You must know your make and model.  You eat every day.  You sleep every day.  Well, you should ponder and exercise and simply spend some time learning about yourself.  It's important because you are important.  Get to KNOW YOUR CODE.).

"Certainty not circumstance."
(12/31/2007 - Your circumstances change.  Sometimes times are bad.  Sometimes times are good.  Life gives you ups and downs--this is not new.  Stay the course, and rely on what you know.  What you know about yourself and your destiny does not change with the circumstances.  Why let your circumstances--which are temporary--dictate your sense of purpose?  Be confident that you are loved and full of possibility.  Your circumstances have no bearing on your place in this world.  You can be certain of this.  Hurting?  Having a hard go of it?  All the good things earned take struggle.  Do hard things.  It may not always feel good, but the results bring peace and that does.



"Show me your ingredients."


(11/27/2007 - The person you are has a lot to do with what you're made of...The ingredients, together, make up YOU.  Like Gestalt's "whole being greater than the sum of the parts", you are unique and greater than your ingredients, but your ingredients are still critical.  What are you made of?  Easy victories?  Short cuts?  Comparisons to others?  None of these ingredients build a strong person.  They may create a person that looks good, but what's inside?  What you're made of is more important that what you appear to be.  SHOW ME YOUR INGREDIENTS.).



"If your margins are full--you will be empty."
(10/16/2007 - You can't have it all.  It all most sounds contrary to the "Go for it!" mantra we often subscribe to, doesn't it?  Well, it is.  I've fallen into this trap more than twice.  The old, "If you say YES to one thing, you are saying NO to another" is in full effect here.  Despite the command of capitalism to consume, climb and control your destiny, reality wins out.  You cannot do it all.  Nearly anything can be obtained--but at what cost?  And what do you lose to gain it?  And why do you pursue it?  Forgot to ask yourself these questions?  You are not alone--the cacophany of voices demanding that you please all, do it all, and win by any means necessary can be convincing.  Be careful what you choose to pursue and do, move slowly and think clearly.  It's true, you want to be empty (to LEAVE ABUNDANTLY)  when the day is through, but you want your soul to be full--AND you want that which you gave to, that which you journeyed for--to be a worthy destination.).



"Leave abundantly."
(9/3/2007 - A take on the whole "Live Abundantly" phrase--Leave Abundantly stresses giving.  You must give it all.  Not easy.  Our goals should be in our efforts, not our conclusions.  The end will work itself out.  Before the 1985 Superbowl, a reporter asked Walter Payton (the Hall of Fame running back for the Chicago Bears) what his goals were for the game...Most expected Walter to discuss touchdowns, yards, a victory--But he did not.  Instead Walter said, "When the game is over, I want to have nothing left.  I want to have left everything out on the field."  That's wisdom.  Focus on the now--try hard--leave everything on the field, or on the stage, in the factory, or in the classroom...You take nothing with you--LEAVE  ABUNDANTLY.).



"People matter, their thoughts do not."


(8/3/2007 - If you let what people say about you help or harm you, you will be at their mercy or lack thereof.  You can't subscribe to society's judgement of you.  Taking this position is not only wise, but real, because we all know society is fickle and will turn on a dime, for a dime.  Understanding this can breed a bit of resentment, to combat this, recognize that it is the people themselves that matter, not their opinions or thoughts.  It's back to loving your neighbor like yourself and the grade school golden rule.  Focus on the people, not the words they use.).



"Expect delays."


(6/13/2007 - Waiting.  Obstacles.  Delays.  We must expect this.  Why shouldn't we?  Anything great in life takes time.  Our culture presses us to expect things NOW...Which is simply not reality.  Things done too fast are not NOT appreciated.  Goals accomplished via shortcuts, only cut short the satisfaction and significance of the goal itself.  Patience is the key to satisfaction.  At the market, on the freeway, within yourself...EXPECT DELAYS.  Learning and growth take time.  Once again, respect the process.  EXPECT DELAYS.  Think about your greatest achievement or accomplishment.  It did not happen overnight.  Maybe the finalization of that moment happened quickly, but the steps toward that goal, took time.  EXPECT DELAYS, because managing the obstacles and the delays they present is large part of life itself.  Don't curse it.  Expect it.).



"Nothing is everything."


(5/19/2007 - When you've lost it all...  When you're down and out...  When you're not distracted by the things that don't matter to the up and running, that's when you've gained everything.  For now, you see things as the are.  You feel things as they are.  No distractions--Nothing in the way of a clear perspective.  This, in concept, is the way to see the world.  Your judgement of significance doesn't come from accumulation or abundance, it comes from a right perspective.  A sincere and true focus and acceptance that no matter what the world takes from you, you are still worthy--you are everything.).



"Give up the robot."


(5/2/2007 - So much friction and agitation and conflict...People cling to each other and feed off their mutual bitterness.  Sometimes comfort in your pain is all you know.  Some people cling to this predictable pain like the monkeys I watched in those college experiment films who would rather suckle metal robots than have nothing at all.  Nothing to hate.  Nothing to love.  Well, I say choose nothing and GIVE UP THE ROBOT you've allowed to rule over you.  We are NOT monkeys.  We've got something bigger that awaits us and loves us and is always there for us.  We don't have to settle for constant beratement and icy relationships.  Move on.  GIVE UP THE ROBOT.  Don't suck in the controlled misery of programmed obligations.  Cut the cord.  Avoid setting your goals on ideas like "I'll show them!"  Don't plot and plan revenge with ideas like "I'm gonna make them pay!"  Relationships are a choice.  Forgive and move on.  You can forgive...It doesn't mean you have to trust the recipient of your forgiveness and continue the contamination.   It's okay.  You're okay.    You don't need the robot.  Give up the robot.).



"Listen to your cornerman."


(4/22/2007 - Life is a battle.  A fight.  Whether you like it or not, you were born in the ring.  Living well requires solid coping skills and the ability to play with pain.  Life is pain management.  Nevertheless, this should not deter us from our purpose, nor our goals.  When you step into the ring, you'd be a fool to think you won't get hit.  You will get hurt.  You have a plan.  You've trained.  Maybe you've got a perfect record?  Maybe you've knocked everyone out?  Or maybe you're a journeyman, some wins, some losses.  Maybe you've never even won?  It doesn't matter.  What does matter is that you listen to your cornerman.  If you ignore his observations, advice and instruction, you are not only going to get beat, but you may get killed.  Sometimes he will scream and other times he may whisper softly into your ear, "Are you listening to me?"  He may demand that you climb back to your feet when you think you cannot.  He may tell you to flurry, keep away, jab until the bell...He may even tell you to throw in the towel.  Don't ignore him.  Just like you, He is there for a reason.  Listen to your cornerman.).



"Don't make a difference...BE the difference."


(3/10/2007 - Making a difference is fine.  But YOU are the reason, therefore you are the catalyst--the agent in the the difference...  Does a situation, experience or interaction improve with your presence?  Maybe it's your calm silence?  One is not anymore correct than the other, the point is YOU matter.  YOU.  Without YOU, there is no difference.  The value is YOU.  The difference is YOU...  Not a single person on this wad of clay can be YOU better than YOU.  YOU are special, unique and qualified.  YOU are different.  Be YOU.  BE the difference.).



"Every moment is a mission...You're heartbeat is the countdown."


(3/1/2007 - Actually, back on 8/24/2005, I came up with the first 5 words of this gut loading d-BISCUIT while yakking at a friend of mine, spouting some surreal life changing verbal potion, when he asked me, "Is this what you do all day long?  Man, you're on a mission, bro..."  With my head cocked, it hit me, and I announced it.  "EVERY MOMENT IS A MISSION!"  Even if it's making it from one moment to the next--That's a start.  Nearly 18 months later I was thinking again, when an alarm went off in my thorax, like a gorilla with a nuclear stopwatch--My heartbeat is counting down...It's real.  It doesn't have to be depressing--It is what it is: A COUNTDOWN.).



 "Success is a failure...Significance is a victory."


(2/16/2007 - I was on stage.  A screening of "DRUNK IN PUBLIC", my feature documentary had just ended.  The upcoming Q&A would last about a half an hour and then this would conclude the 15th time I have presented the film.  Each time I present the film, I discuss my failure in trying to aid the subject of my film to gain permanent sobriety.  The film covers more than 18 years.  To call my efforts a success would be a horrific lie.  The film is a documentation of 18 years of failure.  Personally, I don't base my aspirations on my failures or my successes.  Society would label all of it a failure, including the subject of the film.  This is what I discuss in the Q&A...On this particular occasion, on stage, at the Boulder International Film Festival, I saw people shake their heads in disagreement when I called my efforts a failure.  But when the word significance slipped from my lips, it became clear in their gaze, that they understood me.  Failure will not deter me, because significance is my pursuit. 


What society cannot not wrap its image oriented, dollar driven pathetically egotistical narrow mind around is the significance of such a film, experience and man.  Lives have been changed and saved, lessons have been learned, and the trickle down effects of compassion in unlikely places has spanned the globe.  And there are the victories I will never learn of...  Success is the world's goal.  Significance is the product of passion, sincerity and dedication.  If you pursue success, it can be had--At a price.  And maybe something significant is accomplished as well.  But if you pursue significance.  You are a success, regardless of what society labels you.).



"Strippers are NOT a part of a balanced breakfast."  (aka "Buy Ugly.")


(1/30/2007 - I found a Playboy magazine when I was in third grade.  I LOVED it.  I've seen a few naked things in my time since then.  Oddly, the appeal is still present...But as I've grown older, with a sense of what's valuable and what's not, I'm exhausted of the ever increasing explosion of sexual exposure.  I'm all for something beautiful, from a brick wall, to a tree, to a full moon, to a work of art, to a voluptuous woman, but enough already.  STOP.  Can anyone in corporate America pull their head out of their stock portfolio and look the customer in eye and keep a straight face?  I don't need strippers and pornstars selling me socks, cars, beer, computers, or cereal.  I get it.  Sex sells.  But I'm done with it.  I'm not buying.  Besides, wouldn't that be prostitution?  If a hot chick tries to sell you something?--Beware, you may be the "john".  From now on, I will 'BUY UGLY.').


"It's not going to be alright."


(11/17/2006 - You're probably thinking, 'What's with this guy?...How morbid.'  It's all about perspective.  You see, this is a statement of hope.  Many things do not work out.  It's the truth.  Why should we dance around this and pretend everything does?  We don't need to lie to ourselves...We just need to understand that the truth liberates.  In the pride swallowing moment an addict says, "I have a problem".  There is dramatic truth...And liberation.  Not judgement and despair.  The truth is liberating.  The truth boils everything down...And that's where you find hope...In your broken reality. 


Life is about rebound, repair, revival...And all it takes to make these things happen is a little resolve.  With hope, resolve is possible.  Think about it--THE MOMENT YOU REALIZE BAD THINGS ARE HAPPENING--WHAT DO YOU DO?!...You naturally shift into, 'I hope this works out...'  or 'Dear God, help me...'  Prior to the moment when you were confronted with truth, you may have been flat and hopeless...  Rocketing to your demise in a plummeting elevator confronts you with the truth--And then hope comes alive...).



"Let not your attractions become distractions."


(11/13/2006 - What you own -- owns you...Clean out your closet.  Slow down.  Want what you have.  Focus.  Everything around you spins, collapses, destroys and glamorizes...  But you can be still, effective, balanced.  This world will feed you so many great and evil things...  You can be knocked off course from your purpose by the most beautiful opportunity in history...  Or you can be lulled away by "The marketing of atrocity"...  Be aware of our distractions, your triggers, your weak moments--FOCUS--Which means become clear...  Clear your vision and clear your path.  Your purpose will not go unclaimed.).



"Perspective creates attitude."


(10/31/2006 - We've all heard and hopefully understand that 'Attitude is everything'.  It is...When you study it all, it's the one thing that seperates survivors and those who've experienced any real satisfaction from everyone else.  Not that seperation is the goal, but they stand out.  But how do you 'create' a good attitude?  It doesn't just happen.  It's very very complicated.  There are a fabric of concepts that go into developing a person's attitude.  Simply ordering the attitude and trying to force it upon someone does not work.


I recently came to the conclusion that a person's perspective is a large component in the creation of their attitude.  Therefore, if you can change your perspective, you can change your attitude.  The more you look at things from different perspectives, the more you learn, experience, and feel...The more your attitude will be changed.  Change your perspective, change your attitude.  That is everything.).



"Life isn't Monopoly or Chutes & Ladders...It's Trouble and Jenga."


(9/28/2006 - If you're going to compare life to a game, you'd better get it right or you'll be deeply frustrated and unsatisfied... Accumulation as in Monopoly is society's big lie.  Inevitably all those little houses you worked so hard to collect are actually vacant and all that money you killed yourself for isn't worth the little colored paper it’s printed on.


The game of Chutes & Ladders revolves around you bypassing your challenges...Zooming past all of your problems and moving through life avoiding all the pain.  If you stay on the slide, you will end up at the bottom, in the pit of crisis.  Then the ladders...This ladder climbing can be tricky.  Sometimes you climb a ladder, getting a little exercise in achievement--Or is it skull crushing?  Do you use people as your ladders, utilizing their lifeless carcasses to make it to the top because that's where eagles fly?!  


Monopoly and Chutes & Ladders are games that are inherently designed to self focus, accumulate and actually avoid life...Games like Trouble and Jenga are much much different…


In Trouble, your goal is also destination oriented, but the tribulations are not hidden and the journey is paramount to the value of the game.  The solutions are not easy.  The rewards are given throughout the journey.  You are often stepped on, jumped, and sometimes, you are even cut a break.  Ruthless decisions are up to you.  As are sacrifices.  You are forced to look ahead and act now.  Most of all, there are many times when you simply have to start over. 


Jenga is more of a game on HOW you should choose to live.  Slowly...Thoughtfully...And with balance...  Imbalance in one area can cause everything to collapse.  It helps to be quiet, to focus…You must also deal with everyone else's imbalances.  And of course, they will pile on top of you and you must find a graceful way out from under everything.  When you do lose, and everything has fallen around you, you must pick up the pieces and start over.  Yes, the goal is upward, but there is no "top" and you can only rise to victory one step at a time...).


Did you like this d-BISCUIT?  Read the expanded version, titled, "Life is a Game?"



"Don't get out of it...Don't get over it...Get THROUGH it."
(8/1/2006 - I've really been thinking about the word "PROCESS" lately.  This is my 3rd d-BISCUIT in a row that deals with the concept of process.  The process of caring, living, failing.  A process yields, often in ways we don't see or appreciate.  It's a matter of perspective.  This concept of procss keeps hitting me in so many different ways.  I've come to the conclusion that avoidance, anyway you slice it, is just the wrong approach.  Moving through the processes of life are keys to satisfaction and real living.  Slowing down to process your moments is important.  Good.  Bad.  Celebrating.  Grieving.  THROUGH...Not fast.  Slow.  Through.  Furthermore, when you move through you can finally say you are through.  If you don't move through, you won't grow and you become stagnant.  If you jump the water, you will not become clean.  Nothing can be washed free...You will not be invigorated by your experience.  When you move through something, you can change.  Skip it and it's essentially voiding your existence.  You are stuck with idle debris.  There is an added element to moving through things...You may also leave something of yourself behind...An example or a legacy to another.)

"Have you RSVP'd?"
(7/3/2006 - To what, you might ask?  TO THE INVITATION TO A BRAND NEW DAY!  Sounds a bit hokey...And it is.  But it's true, nevertheless.  Wake up.  Sign up.  Charge forward.  But don't move out, up, or over...MOVE THROUGH...The process of RSVP-ing means you'll be there.  It means you will show up--Which is half of the battle.  I'm expecting to see you there.  I need to see you there.  Without you--It is not the same  Today is the party.  So the cops bust this one up and it goes to crap and someone pukes on your new drapes--Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  RSVP NOW!  Everyday brings a new party...And if you need to be the pinata and spit out some candy, go ahead...I'll be ready to listen.)

"An exercise in futility is STILL an exercise, you can't help but get stronger."
(5/19/2006 - As I attempt to exact my will on my chosen endeavors, I realize that my repeated efforts often appear to yield invisible results.  BUT, if I look closer or from a different perspective, I see that the results come more from the PROCESS of effort than they do from the self prescribed goal.  My purpose is to try.  My goal is relentless pursuit.  My goal becomes the process.  The process yields true fruit.  Repetitive effort yields rewards that make the original goal seem almost foolish.)

"Be the pinata."
(5/2/2006 - Take the beatdown.  Rise up.  Spit out some candy.  At the end of a long hard day, someone asked, 'What's with you?  Are you always like this?'  I sighed, wondered, and responded, 'It's what I want to be.'  He laughed and added, 'Well, you seem to have the best attitude.'
I'm not against feeling down.  Feelings are feelings--And I have my down days as we all do.  But I also recognize that they are feelings.  I do not have to act on them.  I can still put forth something beneficial to another person--to the world.  It's a given the boot is headed toward our teeth--What are you gonna do about it? 
You've really only got two options;
ONE: Get down on yourself and the world around you = HATE....
TWO: SMILE...Spit out some candy (and teeth) and embrace and move through the bitterness, then rise up, which = LOVE.)

"Just because you are successful--does not mean you are a success."
(4/20/2006 - This one came after a month of thought as I edited and re-edited the feature length version of "DRUNK IN PUBLIC".  Is it a success?  Am I?  A success for some people is just making it through the day.  Is there anything wrong with that?  Says who?
Who defines success?  Certainly not the media.  Or society, for that matter.  Does society subscribe to the same value system you do?  If it does, then I suppose you would look to society for affirmation.  If your values differ from society and the current media culture of image, consumerism and ego...Then you have to look away from society's definition.  Skull stomping your way to the top can be pretty easy if that's all you value.  Once you're there--YOU'RE A SUCCESS!  I disagree.  Terms like success, heroes and awards have tricky accoutrements attached that we often ignore...And they often do more harm than good.)

"Interrupt you genetic destiny."
(11/22/2005 - Did your father kill himself by drinking 2 bottles of furniture polish?  Did your sister end it with pills?  Is everyone in your family depressed, mentally ill or chemically dependent?  It doesn't mean you have to be...  If you are really feeling troubled and considering harming yourself or someone else please click HERE. Your destination is what you make it.  You exist life on this globe involves you.  We need you here.  You affect this world in a positive way.  Sure, there will be some bad weather.  That's why there is shelter.  And there are positive ways in which you've changed this world that you will never see.  There is evidence out there that you will never get to review.  
If you are feeling horrible, today is NOT the day to make an irrevocable decision.  AFTER you have carefully investigated all the possibilities and solutions, a decision can be made.  Trust me, you have real value.)

"Talk to strangers."
(11/13/2005 - I think most adults have held onto the "DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS" piece of childhood safety advice a little too long.  Strangers...also known as 'people'...need contact.  They need you to listen.  They need to have a conversation with you.  Nearly all of my conversations with strangers are memorable, and sure, not everyone I contact is ready--because there are social 'rules' being broken here...But nearly everyone teaches me something, and I hope that I can SHARE something that affects them.  I say screw the rules and don't be afraid.  Just because you don't know them, doesn't mean you can't.) 

(10/31/2005 - Although I cooked up this d-Biscuit in July of 2004, it didn't occur to me to add it until the other day...As simple as it is, I think our society's trendy culture had to play out in order for this one to be pulled off the oven rack...
This is my answer to the "WRIST BAND CRAZE" that is taking over America...  I bought a "LIVESTRONG" wristband in the middle of July 2004 back when nobody really knew exactly what they were (this was 2 weeks BEFORE Lance Armstrong won his 6th Tour De France...Now he's won 7).  Big deal.  I just happened to be a fan and found it on his website.  I think I was number 35,000 and something...  Now they've sold over 50 million?  Awesome.  Put it this way, the wristbands were so new when I was wearing them, I had a number of people ask me if that mean I was gay.  Now, maybe that's me, and yellow WAS my favorite color, but I think that illustrates I got in early...But only because I followed Lance and got lucky...Nevertheless, Lance was cool and why not support cancer research?  I bought 10 of them and 2 hats.
As we now know, there are wristbands EVERYWHERE now for everything from "ECO-MULCHERS" TO "CUMSTRONG"...Seriously.  Awareness is good--I'm down with it, but now they're so common place I don't know if they're as effective.  Back in July 2004 I had an idea for a wristband similar to Lance's "LIVESTRONG"...
This d-Biscuit, "DIE WEAK" means when you die, you should be weak, which means you gave it your all.  You didn't save anything...You exhaust all you have, leave it on the field, etc...  Of course, the wristband would be BLACK. 
Most importantly, I think it's a throught-provoker and a conversation starter.  Too many people are scared.  And too many more people are scared to talk about death.  Well, people, it's gonna happen, when it does, I want to "DIE WEAK"...)

"Comfort is overrated...Peace is underrated."
(9/9/2005 - This is exactly why doing the right thing, "feels right".  It may hurt, but the peace involved is so much better.  Most of the great things in life have very little to do with comfort.  Working hard on a goal, project, musical instrument, sporting event, relationship, sometimes it hurts...Yet the peace of giving it your best shot is priceless.  Yet the media and corporate America would have you believe different.  Hell, even parents blow this one, "I just want Sally to be comfortable."  What?  Wrong.  Where do you draw the line if comfort is the goal?  At someone elses discomfort?  See where this is going?  Strive for peace, not comfort.)

"If you don't feed the need, the need will feed."
(9/3/2005 - It's so true.  The need will feed on anything it can find.  Work, food, sex, success, alcohol, power, materialism, ego, knowledge, drugs, fame... It your responsibility to control the need and feed it appropriately.)

"Comparing and copying are road signs on the highway to a horrible little place called CRAPPY TOWN."
(8/7/2005 - Don't do it.  You'll only bum yourself out.  It's pointless and meaningless.  Why would you compare yourself to someone else?  Ask yourself why?  And then you decide to copy them?  NO!  It's all foolishness sandwhiched inbetween two slices of disappointment.  You are you.  Live with it.  Enjoy it.  Anything else you do will cause you to DERAIL and crash...And inevitably...Burn.)

"Life is a near death experience."
(7/21/2005 - It is, isn't it?  How could it not be?  We never know how near we are to finishing our vacation here...I was driving to work listening to a CD of film scores and WHAMMO!  It just hit me like a drunk driver...Outta nowhere...)

"4 hyenas take the lion"
(7/19/2005 - I was watching "LION BATTLEFIELD" on one the 9 Discovery Channels I have on DirecTV and the narrator was talking about the hyena (which, by the way, is 1/4 th the size of a lion, yet has a heart TWICE THE SIZE of a lion) and their sense that they are stronger in groups.  One on one, the lion will win a battle.  But when the hyena gathers 3 others from the pack, they will defeat the lion.  Just like us.  When we're struggling, we need to have people around us to keep us accountible and lend support.  Others can relate with our troubles.  Groups have strength.  Going alone, raises the risks of a slip-up.  Also, hyenas kick ass.)

(8/10/2004 - Busyness will bathe your existence in breathtaking filthy superficiality.  Time to come clean.  I've done this too much.  I've got to stop.  I may be doing too many good things, but that doesn't make it right.  STOP...Breathe.  Focus on the priorities, because everything else will fall apart if I force feed myself with activity.  Where is this voice coming from that demands I do more?  Too much of a good thing is still too much.  You can eat too much spinach or drink too much water.  But no one would argue both are good for you.  Our society pushes it.  We must push back.  Slow down.  Stop.  Sit.  Breathe.  It's okay.  You're not going to earn anything that isn't already free.  What's the point?  You are okay.  Stop.  Feel the calm.  Stop.  Breathe.  You just did it.  Can you ever think of anything in your life that was made WORSE by slowing down?  I can't.  STOP...Breathe.). 

"Over-processed + Over-perverted = Over-promised."
(12/24/2004 - This holiday season brings me to my latest d-Biscuit.  How we are brain-washed to exploit everything.  To over-process our food and to pervert our incomes to the maximum degree.  This more, more, bigger is better mentality is killing us all.  Compulsive and addictive behavior is at an all time high.  We have more yet we somehow think we need more.  It's over-promised, people.  It's a dead promise and a dead end, sure to leave you disappointed and unsatisfied.  Put your faith is something secure that will never distort or exploit or leave you. 

"Enthusiasm is contagious...Are you infected?--GET THE DISEASE!"
(11/3/2004 - Picking up a dozen piles of dog crap became an event today...Make every moment exciting...Attack the most mundane of tasks with incredible terrific enthusiasm!  P.S. I am 110% infected!)

Spectacular Crazy Amazing Sperling with Spar-Pro
Spend your time with people, not possessions...

"Where do the hands of your clock point?"
(10/11/2004 - Once again, I was focused on time...Lying on my back next to my Spar-Pro striking dummy...I came to the conclusion that the clock is like a compass.  How do you spend your time?  Worrying about Plantation shutters?  Getting your Lexus detailed?  Impressing someone who won't notice?  Your time is GOLD.  Your time is now.  Milk every damn second of it.  Slow it down.  Appreciate every moment (seemingly bad or good).  Don't waste your time  on things that themselves will waste away.  Servitude.  Sacrifice.  Solution.  The bottom line is that people are more important than possessions.  We're all guilty of having clocks point to pursuits that lead us to ruin.  The world will be better because of you and where you decide to point the hands of your clock.

"Fail boldly."
(9/29/2004 - I was analyzing my ambitious nature and the realities of success.  The 'overnight' success everyone reads about most likely don't happen overnight.  The truth is, they are deemed a success overnight.  By someone else.  I don't think it's healthy to get your affirmation from critics, experts, loved ones or friends.  You may feel empty, hollow, and dried out.  Used up by this world.  Besides, everyone else just has an opinion.  You need to do, what you need to do.  No one else can do it -- Except you.  You are a specifically created unique individual with a unique array of experiences that made you, YOU.  And that is your grand dream.   This world will judge you.  In the world's eyes, grand dreams produce grand failures.  Is there something wrong with that?       
     Furthermore, if you're interested in challenging yourself and reaching past your potential--The real story behind your personal growth, whether you wish to admit it or not, is that you will learn more from you mistakes, errors, and failures than you will ever learn from your successes...And that in itself is a success!)

"Get nowhere now."


(8/16/2004 - If a man opens his eyes, he may see the one defining moment in which his life presents him with an opportunity to prove his significance, and despite everything he's done up until this point and including all he will do after--He will forever be defined by this singular moment.  (there's some dialogue in the movie, "Changing Lanes" similar to this and it probably inspired me).  My moment is now.  My moment is here.  My moment is nowhere...


     This d-BISCUIT, actually more of an d-BATCH, came to me during my analysis of how people view how they spend their time.  Never shall I be a 'clockwatcher'.  Every moment is to be slowed down and exploited.  Now + Here = Nowhere.  Essentially, you should be living nowhere but now.  If you live in the past, you'll never grow.  If you live in the future, you've got nowhere to go--You'll certainly miss all that is now.  So you must only live in the now. 


     If you ask yourself, 'What would you do if you only had 24 hours to live?  Whatever your answer, you should do it.  Now.  Why?  Because, even though this is a hypothetical, tomorrow is the last day for someone...Somewhere.  It could be you)




"The more bitterness I eat, the hungrier I become."
(8/3/2004...The destructive power of good intentions gone awry, the damage that turns loved ones into casualties, and the pain that the best lessons bring--Have finally brought me to my knees...Again.  It's also delivered my latest d-BISCUIT.
In the face of emotional horror, one must not look away, but instead rise up and lock eyes with the mirror.  Your deliverance depends on your endurance to devour misery.  Be brave and move at the healing pace you need.  You can't avoid it, nor can you rush through it.  Move calmly, in the pain.  Your hunger will grow and that will keep you alive.)


"Everyone wants to be fed--And no one wants to EAT."
(7/26/2004...I was talking with someone about kids today and it just hit me...Not only do they want things handed to them...They don't want to forward any effort, either)

"Stop waiting for a wave and learn how to swim."
(5/2/2004...This world will not help you.  Not even by chance.  Its nature is inherently selfish...If you can't swim you will surely drown.).


"Rejection is my medallion."
(4/25/2004...I was driving and it simply occurred to me that to be 'in the game' and working toward success actually is the reward.  In life, the number of times you will face rejection will far outweigh the number of times you will be accepted or succeed.  There have been times where rejection was all that I knew.  There are other times it was my constant companion and daily reminder.  Today, it most often rears it's head when I'm not expecting it.  Maybe it's a pride check?  Either way, it's okay.  It simply means I'm moving forward.  In other words, if I'm not being rejected--Then I'm not pushing hard enough.).


"I am a failure at all but one thing...Perseverence."
(10/17/2003...During yet another physical challenge...I was riding my bicycle up a hill and evaluating my endeavors, when it hit me, "What is success?"  You know, I really couldn't tell you.  I suppose it has to do with your goals and expectations.  My only true goal is to keep trying...To never surrender.  So far, it is the one area in which I have avoided failure.)


"I'm running out of time--Watch me shine."
(9/25/2003...This time I was running up a hill that was a mile and a half long.  I didn't feel very good, most of my joints were stiff and sluggish.  It hit me, "Dave, you could be dead tomorrow, in an hour, or in a minute if that ice cream truck doesn't watch where it's going..."  People, nothing down here is promised--It's time to shine.)


"Are you a slave--Or a brave?"
(9/6/2003...I was running up the stairwell in a Calgary hotel when I started thinking, "How many people are doing this by choice right now?"  I imagine very few.  I was feeling good that I chose to challenge myself in a painful manner, rather than follow society's code of comfort.  I ran 25 flights 5 times.  It felt good to hurt...).  But who am I kidding?  There's some warrior, somewhere else, working harder...Answering his own call.  Maybe it's you, because it's not about me...


"Frazzle the comfortable and comfort the frazzled".
(1/16/2003...Not sure why this came to me, but it did, and it's really what I'm feeling right now.  It sounds cruel, but the goal is not cruelty--The goal is provocation.  Loving provocation?)


"If you want to have a lot of friends, all you have to do is lie."
(1/1/2003...New Year's Day.  My first d-BISCUIT of the New Year.  I realized most people don't want to hear the truth, unless they're in jail.  It just seems that the people who have a lot of friends, or are so well liked, have a cute habit of telling people exactly what they want to hear.  The truth on the other hand, tends to make people resent you.  There are some people, who once they realize you are just being sincere and honest, accept and decide to like you.  Those are the keepers.  Additionally, if you want to make people disappear, all you have to do is be correct.  Those who are wrong--scatter like mice.)


"The scoreboard isn't out on some field or hanging on some wall...It's in your heart."
(10/13/2002...Week 5 of the 2002 NFL season...A 5 game St. Louis Rams losing streak helped me discover this d-BISCUIT)


"The difference between the chump and the champ is that the chump says, 'I can't take another punch' and the champ says, 'Hit me.'"
(7/15/2002...I was lonely and taking shots...It was at this time I that I discovered the more shots I took, the more likely I would become stronger.  Also, closer inspection shows that the TRUE difference between "chump" and "champ" is one letter, "U"...which translates to YOU.)



"Respect everything...Except the status quo."
(3/14/2002...I was simply driving when I came up with this bad boy.  I just realized that it all boils down to respect.  You don't have to agree with someone's choices, but you do have to respect their freedom to choose their own destiny even if it's a crappy one.  All in all, government and people and possessions are not who you live and work for, so their status quo really doesn't mean jack squat)


created & copyrighted by david j. sperling