"The Collection" - (2004)

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My Journey


When you love, you risk without fear.

Fear is temporary but regrets are forever.

If I’m afraid to die—Then death is near...

So I hit the switch and drop the lever—


I illuminate the wild.

Because a cowards glance in the mirror,

In the presence of my child…

Would be filled with dread—So I erase the fear.


As this world beats on me—A kid no more—

I carry no frown as the years wrinkle the skin.

Losing battles while winning the war,

To give up my love—That wrinkles the soul—And then you never win—


That is a defeat I cannot afford.

People go crazy trying to extinguish the demons.

I throw wood on the fire—I borrow matches from the Lord.

I turn up the pain—The strain—I ride the lunatic fringe.

Sweating until I cannot breathe—Torturing them…

Turning up the heat--Into the fire they drown—With pain they cringe—


I bring them to their knees—Torn apart.

Which is where I find myself.

So, I learned—That’s where I must start.

My scars, like medals, go up on the shelf.


The scars are there—For the world to see—

That I can love—I cannot be stopped—I’ve got passion to spare.

It may be a furious love—But I am free…I am free.

I’ve learned this life is miles and miles away from being fair.

But then I see you—Angelic reassurance of how beautiful it can be.

My heart grows with desire for you…It is never a mistake to care.


I’ve heard it’s better to burn out than fade away.

Whatever achieves the goal—Either option—

You can’t avoid the drain…

As life sets high standards for those daring to persist through the pain .


If I shall survive the assault—No riches await.

A greater value is found—When I seize what I was designed to do.

Push through suffering—Then push more—I’m delivered—To the gate.

Then my ego will escape—Here I will be almost through… 


Here, I will be purified—This is the moment I seek.

I feel the ferocious power of the universal language—That is love.

I discover true prayer and now I can finally be weak.

I am nothing but His soldier—Accepting His mandate from above.


This is my journey--This is my love.

This is how it will begin…And end.



-August 2004-







I am a young man,

            Cradling a brokenheart,

                        In the mirror awaits my biggest fan.


They say my name is of no importance,

            Years ago, I was assigned a number,

                        And not invited to the dance.


I was sent to the back of the line,

            I wore their chains, but soon escaped,

                        Don’t they see, I’m running out of time?


They say I’m a loser, a mess,

            Successful at being unsuccessful,           

                        A failure at best.


I will not comply.  I will not quit.  I always try,

            Someday…  I will do.

                        But the skies fill with cries,

That’s me…Nothing new…

                                                On my knees--When the day is through.


They tell me what I can see,

They point out my sin.

They make rules to control me,

They say I’ll never win.


I don’t remark for the world to hear me whine.

            I seize this world,

                        So it can watch me shine.



-August 2004-



Created & Copyrighted by David J. Sperling