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     As a instructor/speaker, writer/filmmaker and custody officer -- David J. Sperling is probably best known as the person behind the enigmatic documentary, "DRUNK IN PUBLIC", of which he spent 18 years following a man arrested over 500 times.  Out of necessity, Sperling shot the film in a minimalist fashion with virtually no budget, which adds to the film's honest and hard-hitting style.

     Sperling's experiences with troubled students and tens of thousands of inmates, as well as his certifications, training & coursework, including degrees in psychology and education, lend to his reputation as a viscerally effective communicator.  His style has an alarming lack of pretense--combined with an unusual amalgam of education, experience, humor and honesty. 
With his unorthodox personality as well as his training and experience in suicide prevention, Sperling has forged an unusually significant work environment.   His skills as a credentialed teacher, health & chemical dependency instructor and FBI-trained crisis negotiator supplement his inter-disciplinary, real life inspired, socially ireverrant stamp on corrections, counseling, filmmaking & writing.  He would like to add that having a sense of humor and understanding the world doesn't owe anyone, anything -- is a great tool for managing our lives.

     The gritty and unnerving, "CRIME SCENE CLEANERS" was actually Sperling's first film.  It won a number of awards, most notably the Audience Award for Short Documentary at the Newport Beach Film Festival.  Sperling's second film, DRUNK IN PUBLIC has appeared in over a dozen film festivals (most recently capturing the BEST EDITING award at the Boulder Film Festival).  He
has also completed over a dozen feature film screenplays, as well a few dozen more industry meetings.  He is currently working on two long term projects, which include, "THE BAD PEOPLE" (a 20 year journal of his experiencs working behind the bars of a city jail) and "HORRIBLY NORMAL" a dark dramatic comedy about the search for identity while trying to survive adolescence.  Sperling is also working on another DVD--an accumulation of speaking events addressing the many unanswered questions posed in his film, "DRUNK IN PUBLIC".  The DVD will also include the film's backstory, as well as the film's wide ranging impact, both personal and public.  


     As Sperling continues to gain momentum as a sought after speaker & recovery guide, numerous artistic endeavors capture his time.  More importantly, Sperling tries to appreciate it all, chew slowly and stay balanced..."For me it's about understanding life as a process, having a healthy perspective, and realizing it's okay to be facing the hard times ahead.  These hard times are what makes us who we are.  Our life is defined by how we manage these seasons.  Rushing past it all without looking closer, even in our DO OR DIE moments, is more dying, than living.  Laughing and crying are all part of it too--and it's super cool if you can do a lot of both all the while sharing it with someone else, right?  RIGHT?  Bottom line is that it doesn't have to be alright for you to be ok.  You are going to be ok."

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