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This is the passion of my PURPOSE...


I've had more FAILURES than successes, that is unless you consider putting forth a lot of effort and disregarding failure as something bad...Well, then, I've had a lot of success...

I appreciate good health and I enjoy exercising and eating well...I enjoy pushing myself...And I enjoy rising when I fall...I cherish truth and honesty and perseverence. 

My tastes are varied.  In almost everything I do and experience, I have a multi-disciplined approach.  I see every situation for it's serious-ness as well as its hilarious absurdity. 

I can be STOIC AND COMPASSIONATE...  I choose to see what good can come out of even the worst of circumstances.  But I can also can be misunderstood for being pessimistic because I see the reality in things--but most ignore the positive flavor I dose into the formula.  The perceptions of others are mostly out of my control.  Why do they ignore it or not see it the way I do?  Probably because I am not traditional.  I am unorthodox.  All I can do is be honest and strive to communicate better...So, for that matter, those who do know me, see me as uber positive.  I see the possibility in the insurmountable odds.  I come alive when others are calling it quits.  I thrive
on 4th and long...

I can be a DORK and not have any problems with this...I don't always believe what they say about me, good or bad, neither are likely to be true--I know what is true.  PEOPLE MATTER--WHAT THEY SAY OFTEN DOES NOT.
If you discover you don't know yourself--Slow down, eliminate your distractions and sedations and start asking questions.  Serve.  Love.  Find someone you can trust--REALLY TRUST--(it's not as easy as it sounds).  Ask for their help.  Ask, ask, ask.  Do it now.

The most important thing I have learned in the past ten years is to ASK QUESTIONS.  It changes everything.  For the good.
I like octupus(s), crows, rhinos, monkeys and most dogs.  But the octopus is my current favorite, it is so underrated.  Most people go through life not realizing that THE OCTOPUS IS A MOLLUSK (and that it has a beak)...Look it up...I also love corn.

I don't care much for most of the programming on TV...But I do watch some pro football, boxing and mma.  I also watch some non-fiction programming.  Biographies are great, every single one of the "NEWS" channels seems to be a joke (as is a lot of "Reality TV").  The Simpsons, Family Guy and The Office are pretty funny.  Spongebob Squarepants is pretty cool.  I like some of the documentary programming on Discovery, National Geographic, HBO (Real Sports is great), etc...  I'm not one of those "TV is the devil!" types...Frankly, I wish I could watch MORE television.  I believe it's a great tool, but with all the books I want to read and projects I enjoy doing, it's often hard to justify even the shows I enjoy.

Life is a balancing act.  If anything, I run the risk of destroying myself by doing too many "good" or "righteous" things.  Just because it's good, I need to remind myself that it doesn't make it right because, "IF YOU SAY 'YES' TO ONE THING, YOU ARE SAYING 'NO' TO SOMETHING ELSE."
Which brings me to books.  Wow.  Have you been to a library or a book store lately?  How about the internet?  It's pretty amazing, there are a lot of writers out there.  I read mostly non-fiction.  I believe life inspires art, therefore I like to go to the source.


The Road
The Catcher In The Rye
Oh, The Places You Will Go
The Giving Tree
Go Ask Alice
A Million Little Pieces
The Ragamuffin Gospel
Fight Club

When it comes to music, I like a little bit of everything (minus country--I can tolerate a little bit of Johnny Cash).  I prefer film scores and until I was in college, it was the most common music of any kind that I owned...

Some of the musicians I like are; Simon And Garfunkel, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, Metallica & Linkin Park.  Actually, until iTunes, I could hardly find an album by ANYONE where I liked more than 1 or 2 songs...In general, music that moves me is usually dramatic and powerful...Very repetitive, moody.  I love a "wordless choir" as often used in film scores...  When I hear the right music--I see pictures and they do not stop...


Fight Club
Forrest Gump
Dumb & Dumber
American Beauty
The Dark Knight
Into the Wild
Napoleon Dynamite
Buffalo 66
Falling Down
Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Up in the Air
The Weatherman
More (animated short)
The Corporation (documentary)
The Way of the Gun
Bigger, Stronger, Faster (documentary)
The Beaver


Follow truth, not the world.  Be yourself, not like everyone else.  Do the hard thing and EMBRACE HOPE--NOT FEAR.


I find a great deal of satisfaction from being an agent of "change".  I work to change for the better when it's necessary, therefore I'm more active than a catalyst.  I like provoking thought, making laughter, inspiring someone to stand up for themselves, love themselves--or someone else or just recognize that they have value in who they uniquely are...because BEING YOURSELF IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT IN THIS AGE OF ROBOTIC MARKETPLACE CONFORMISM...Being yourself is a hobby, a full time job, a goal AND something to strive for every minute.  What's the worst that can happen?  What can they take away from you?  The answer is nothing.  There is no need to live in fear.  You must live as if you have nothing to lose (even though that's the opposite of what they want you to believe).  This isn't just healthy paranoia, it's the premise of a capitalistic society (which has many merits -- but many of the consequences are overlooked and need to be brought to light if we are to strive toward being a healthier culture).  I suppose I am a man on a mission.  A mission to discover himself...

I cherish instilling hope in the fearful, steering the lost through crisis, or helping a giant fat person lose a few pounds (or even one hundred).  This has become even more rewarding because I believe it falls within my purpose, which has been made clear to me. 

Assisting someone in an emotional crisis and helping them step toward, peace, sobriety, relief, and purposeful life is a passion that often involves relating to others through my own shortcomings and failures.  Is there nothing more exciting than a transformation or a resurrection?...I'm a junkie for these things...


Cavalier - Obtuse - Demonstrative - Wry
Verbal - Compulsive - Honest - Analytical
Silly - Sincere - Trustworthy - Hopeful - Realistic
Relentless - Perceptive - Logical - Inspiring
 Stubborn - Humble - Calm - Weird - Naked


"THE TRUTH" is simply a lesson learned.  I am no better than anyone else.  I am logical and solution oriented.  I want to be compassionate and good.  Telling the truth works.  I can grow and choose more efficiently when I'm not lying to please the world...Or myself.

And that's what this is all about...My unusual job...More accurately, it's a rank and file job (that happens to be very interesting and stereotypical) which I carry out in a very interesting but UN-stereotypical way.  I do it in an unorthodox fashion.  I'm actually successful.  More accurately again, I succeed at preventing failure in the occupation...I am an unusual individual who does the job in an unusual way.  None of it is rocket science.  I suppose none of it is ditch-digging either.

I tolerate and guide people.  I assist those who are lost and confused and have been living poorly programmed lives.  There are times when I try to deter people from killing themselves--Or me.  The definitions of right and wrong appear to be very blurry to most of the people I meet throughout my work day.  Some willingly choose bad because it feels good...  There are other times that 
I get to intervene in a crisis and illustrate to people how it is that they matter...Even if it's only to me.  I am sincere. 

Some of the best work I've done happens because I am honest and deliver the truth.  I deliver unwelcome news on a daily basis.  This delivery backfires when the person I am dealing with perceives that I am not being honest.  This rarely happens.  Love does conquer all.  Not gooey-goo-goo love, but true compassion.  The golden rule is gold for a reason.

This mis-perception can and is usually rectified.  I express love in places most people feel is unwarranted.  If I ended up where I work...  I want to meet me...  To thank me...  To test me...

I try to live an uncensored life--This evolves from true 'liberation'.  It is really all there is, because after you grab yourself with a pair of tweezers and crawl under the shadow of a microscope--you get to see what's really there...  At the moment you experience this, you realize the secrets and the hiding are pointless, life stealing, wrong. 

Which is exactly why I'm here.

I was recently asked,


A dozen grapefruits and their smell.
My daughter's smile.
The hurt, getting well.
The high bar, without denial.
The daily distance--from the horde.
A purposeful life.
The gift of love--I cannot afford.
The smooth fur on my dog's back.
Love...with my wife.
The mirror before I attack.


I 'm not sure about heroes...Or awards...Or lop-sided recognition.  I struggle and go back and forth on these issues...Either there are no such things as heroes or every single person is a hero...I haven't figured this out yet--But I'm pretty sure it's one of those two things. The reality is that most of us had to rely on someone to accomplish whatever it is we've accomplished.  I suppose I feel that "heroes" are those people who do the right thing regardless of the consequences (or accolades). 
We play the hand we're dealt with honesty, integrity, ferocity and most of all LOVE.  Fairness is pretty much a silly concept.  Ask yourself, "What is fair?"  The pursuit of comfort is pretty much the same.  Satisfaction in service, growth, purpose and peace...Those are the goals.

If you have to push me as to who I admire for how they've handled things, here is a short list:  my wife and I suppose
anyone else that has lost it all, admitted their faults, and risen from the ashes of their own self destruction...And then there are those who've wanted to rise up and tried with all of their might and failed boldly.  There's a special place for those people, too.  I am first in line. 


Q:  If you take one item on a trip--what is it?

A:  Rubber Tomahawk.

sperling is a regular guy
with an irregular attitude
sperling is a regular guy...
sperling had style as far back as the 3rd grade...
with an irregular attitude.
YES, those glasses are prescription."
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