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The Mark David Allen Story

The United State of Mark David Allen

Tuesday, January 6th, 2003 - 2:39am 


     Mark started the new year stone cold sober when he was released from County Jail after serving 20 days for 6 drunk in public violations and one violation of disobeying a court order.  I expect him to be arrested at any moment...He usually shows up within 24 hours of release.


"...I've told you this before, but I was lying."
Mark is now 41 and says he wants to change...

Wednesday, January 7th, 2003 - 10:30pm    


     Mark was arrested for being drunk in public.  He was passed out and unable to stand on his own.  It was only 20 hours after his release from county jail that he was once again arrested.


     This particular time was interesting because he told me he was finished drinking.  He said he didn't want to end up like his father (dead from drinking). 


     When I asked him about what he's been telling me for the previous 8 years and the numerous times he's promised to quit, he said, "I know I've told you this before...But I was lying."  He then added that he was 41 years old and "It has got to stop."...


Mark eating a jail sandwhich - January 2003
Mark's 2nd arrest in 2 days...

Friday, January 9th, 2003 - 12:30pm


     Mark was arrested for being drunk in public again.

Saturday, January 10th, 2003 - 9:20am


     Mark was arrested for being drunk in public again.



Thursday, January 15th, 2003 - 9:50pm 


     Mark wandered into the laundromat and was arrested for 166.4PC, violating a restraining order.  He wasn't really sure how he got there or what he was doing, but what else is new.  He was drunk, of course.  He was transported to County Jail.


xxxxxI've spent the last week trying to get a doctor to diagnose Mark as being unable to care for himself.  If a person visits the hospital emergency room 283 times (at $350. a pop) in 13 years I think that's one big billboard that shows they are unable to care for themselves.  There is He's been drinking for over 26 years and he will only stop if he's forced to stop.  There are no such places for a person like him in Orange County.  You cannot forcibly hold someone against their will to keep them from drinking. 


     If Mark is deemed gravely disabled, then he can be placed in a conservatorship and reside in a full time facility.  Why doesn't someone 51/50 this guy and diagnose him as gravely disabled?  I think the presence of alcohol makes people think that he'll be fine when he doesn't drink.  True.  But that day will never come.  


     We all need to face it, Mark is a "wet-brain".  He'd damaged.  He's unable to think properly.  Even if he had the desire to stop drinking, he does not have the facilities to act upon those desires.  I think it's time to realize that MDA has the right to kill himself, just not on the hood of somebody's car... 


ReMARKably steady...
Mark shows me his steady hand...

Saturday, January 19th, 2003 - 7:20pm 


     Mark David Allen was released from County Jail after serving only 4 days for the restraining order violation.  Originally, when the restraining order was put into effect the sentence was supposed to be 30 days.  Mark is wearing everybody down.  Oh, and he was arrested again for being drunk in public.

January 19th, 2003
Mark's mugshot - January 19th, 2003

 Sunday, January 20th, 2003 - 3:00pm

    Mark was arrested again for being drunk in public.  He was found passed out in a womens public restroom.

January 20th, 2003
January 20th, 2003

 Monday, January 21st, 2003 - 10:15pm


     Mark was arrested again for being drunk in public.

January 21st, 2003
January 21st, 2003

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2003 - 4:35am


     Mark was arrested again for being drunk in public.

January 23rd, 2003 -Mark's 4th arrest in 5 days...
January 23rd, 2003 - Mark's 4th arrest in 5 days...

Wednesday, January 30th, 2003 - 3:45pm

Mark David Allen was arrested for his 10th time this month.  Once again, for being drunk in public.  My immediate goal is to have Mark sent to County Jail, evaluated and sent into a conservatorship. 


     If Mark commits a crime that County Jail will accept, then he will be evaluated.  The laundromat restaining order violation is no longer a possible crime because it appears to have closed up shop and is no longer doing business. 


     Since County Jail will not accept drunk in public arrests, we are getting even more limited in our ability to find a solution for Mark...  


     Currently County Jail will accept warrants for failing to appear in court on drunk in public arrests--So that's a plus.  Eventually Mark will fail to appear.  He now has 5 cases pending...

Saturday, February 8th, 2003 - 5:45pm 


     Mark was arrested again.  I don't know how he avoided being arrested for 9 days, but he did it.  This time he was arrested for entering the laundromat and violating the restraining order.

Mark arrives in February 2003
Mark is back...Again...

     Apparently the laundromat re-opened as did my hope to get Mark into permanent conservatorship... 


     Mark was sent to County Jail and seen by a doctor I had arranged to assess him.  I had faxed a history to the doctor explaining all of Mark's exploits and tragic adventures.  I expect to hear from the doctor any day regarding Mark's future.  Meanwhile he is serving 60 days for the violation (he only served 2 days the last time he was violated).  His release date is set for April 8th.


     What follows is a copy of the history I faxed to County Jail:


February 8th, 2003


Re:  Mark David Allen - History


For the past few years I have been trying to find a better solution to the health issues regarding Mark David Allen.  I believe that Allen is unable to care for himself.  He has brain damage due to trauma and now has additional brain damage due to chronic alcoholism.

Allen is not just a drunk.  Years ago, he was the only survivor of an auto accident and subsequently stayed in a coma for 37 days.  Allen now has a protective plate installed in his skull.  There are some unsubstantiated reports that relatives have claimed that the operation "lobotomized" him. 

A side effect of the brain injury causes Allen to have occasional life-threatening seizures unless he takes daily medication.  Allen does not take medication nor does he appear to have the capacity to medicate himself (he continually unknowingly violates a restraining order that he many times he can’t even comprehend why it has been place against him.  Allen has also displayed zero ability to attend his court appearance, this being due to short term memory issues.  The point being, how can he possibly medicate himself?). 

Through injury and a lifetime of inebriaation, Allen seems to have acquired Organic Brain Syndrome.  Organic brain syndrome (OBS), a general term, referring to physical disorders that cause a decrease in mental function, typically those not including psychiatric disorders. OBS is a common diagnosis of the elderly and those suffering from chronic alcoholism. OBS is not a separate disease entity, but is a general term used to categorize physical conditions that can cause mental changes.  Allen has been drinking without interruption for at least 25 years.  Allen’s only documented sobriety has been not by choice but by coericion while in custody.  Allen has left or been kicked out of every rehabilitation/treatment program in the area, including the Anaheim Salvation Army (an excellent program in which I was personally involved in persuaded them into giving Allen an opportunity). 

A large part of Allen's problem is that he has few or no skills.  He started drinking before high school and has literally grown up intoxicated.  As it is known in the medical profession, the human brain does not reach full development until adulthood.  Therefore, Allen's development has been further compromised due to his early onset alcoholism.  His foundation was weakened to begin with, a dire starting point. 

In addition to Allen's brain damage, this life of drinking makes new learning extremely unlikely and difficult.  Simply put, he knows nothing else and is probably unable to learn anything new.  

Allen has had the ability to exhibit incredible charisma and “talk a good talk”.  In the past, he has certainly been capable of garnering sympathy.  His speech is a long ago tidbit of data that he repeats with passion to everyone he meets.  Any time spent with Allen will reveal a number of these repetitive dialogues as if this is the first time he has ever uttered them.  It’s an act.  His sincerity is genuine due to severe memory issues, but in reality, it is paper-thin at best.

     I believe the evidence is prevalent that suggest Allen is the definition of a person who cannot care for themself.  Frankly, I believe it to be an case.  With close to 300 arrests, 100 from 1983 to 2000, 85 in Hawaii, another 100 from 2000 to 2002, and now 11 in 2003, what numbers must unfold to make this point?  Additional calculations involve more than 280 emergency room visits.

     Allen certainly has the statistics and the history.  In two years he has accomplished what it took him almost ten years to do.  Keep in mind, these stats were compiled including the time he’s spent in jail (close to a year in some instances) and the time he was outside California (Hawaii) for over 5 years.  So, the numbers are actually worse, if that can be comprehended. 

Despite Allen’s reputation as an indestructible force (in addition to the auto accident, he drowned in the ocean—and was then revived, he's been hit by a multitude of cars, had numerous seizures accompanied with numerous head injuries and also been revived by myself, twice), he is in fact deteriorating.  Although his deterioration is significantly more mental than it is physical—I have heard that on two seperate occasions, the levels from his blood panel should cause no alarm.

I have followed Allen professionally and personally for almost 9 years now.  I am possibly the closest person to “family” that he has, and yet there are days when he doesn’t even recognize me.  Allen puts urine-soaked clothes on as if they are perfectly dry.  When I offer Allen clean and dry clothes, he adamantly refuses.  Allen has also been seen eating, regurgitating, and re-eating his food.  When on the streets, and sober enough to avoid arrest, Allen has been seen with feces all over his hands and face and not really cared about it.

Allen's awareness is fading fast.  I am somewhat familar with dementia and Allen has signs of it.  Allen never formulates a fresh thought or expression.   

I have spent hundreds of hours with this man and his relatives.  When he was reported dead, I went to Hawaii on my own and found him.  I know him better than anyone and certainly better than he knows himself.

     On a final note, although Allen is free to do what he wishes, the possibility he will cause harm to someone is becoming more and more likely.  How about himself?  It appears we as a community may have a chance at preventing him from wandering into traffic and getting killed.  It would be even more of a tragedy if he injured or traumatized an innocent citizen at the same time.  Allen's history of collapsing or wiping out in the middle of the street is well documented (he’s not the drunk that quietly sleeps in the corner).  His nasty medical aid contacts are evidence of this. 

     The best predictor of human behavior is past history.  It just makes decent sense that something be done about Allen; to help him, and to provide a safe environment for citizens.

I greatly appreciate your time.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with thoughts, updates, and inquiries.  I am eager to help in any way I can.




David J. Sperling

Tuesday, April 8th, 2003 - 10:30am

     Mark David Allen got released from County Jail today.  He served 60 days for 1 violation of the restraining order and 4 drunk in public arrests.  He started his sentence on 2/8/2003.  It appears the courts dismissed the other 5 drunk in public arrests from January.  My prediction is that he arrives here in jail within 12 hours.


Thursday, April 14th, 2003 - 10:30am


     Well, I was wrong and I was right.  Mark managed to stay out of jail for 6 days.  But he didn't stay sober.  Apparently, there were many sightings that he was out and about and drunk. 


     The first words out of his mouth when he entered the jail after being arrested for drunk in public (his 300th arrest, I believe) were, "G-day mate!  I've been down under!"... 


     He was released 6 hours later.

Mark told me he'd been "Down Under!"...
Mark said, "G-day mate--I've been Down Under!"

Friday, April 15th, 2003 - 5:30pm

     13 hours after his last release, Mark was arrested for drunk in public and lodging without consent.  Mark seems to be trying to make up for lost time.  He was cleared for booking at Hoag Hospital and sent to court. 


     The court released him.  Within an hour of being released from court, Mark found some booze, got drunk, and got arrested again.  This time, he was arrested by the Irvine Police Department.  I only know this because they called and asked us if we had any of his clothes (his current clothes were urine-soaked). 


     Apparently, when Mark exited court, he turned left, instead of right.  This led him to the sterile community of Irvine, a far cry from the character and joys of Newport.  His O.B.S. (Organic Brain Syndrome) is pretty bad these days, I wonder if he even noticed?...

Sunday, April 17th, 2003 - 5:45pm


     Mark was arrested for entering the forbidden laundromat.  The transporting officer gave his cell phone to Mark so he could talk to me in the jail.  I called Mark and asked him why he went into the laundromat again and he said, "What is going on here?  It was raining.  I hate that guy!"  Apparently, Mark was referring to the owner who doesn't like it when Mark enters his business, fouls up the room, scares away the customers, and dismantles the clothes when he urinates on them.  Can you blame him?


     This charge, 166.4PC (violation of a restraining order) sends Mark right back to County Jail.  He will serve another 30 days. 


     It appears there has been some good progress made regarding placing Mark in a full-time program.  I've spent many hours doing research, and have also received some sincere support from the police department and Huntington Beach Hospital.  It's been a long arduous process and it's going to take the right set of circumstances for Mark to be placed into full time care.  


     Mark's O.B.S. (Organic Brain Syndrome) is irreversible, and he cannot change this (even if he wanted to).  Sure, there is evidence that the human brain can use other areas to compensate for the damaged areas, but this is ideal and only occurs in therapeutic environments with the proper care and motivation.  The problem lies in the county, the courts, and the mental and public health officials who make and enforce policies.  They see his alcoholism as something he can quit.  Maybe.  And maybe even moreso if his brain worked properly.  But it doesn't and since he doesn't have anything sensational like schizophrenia, he slips through the cracks in the system.  Money is being spent, why not spend it in an area that may provide some sliver of promise?  Why spend it just recycling a human being? 


     I understand the difficulties in putting this all into action.  There are a lot of parties involved and a lot of grey areas, especially in Mark's case. 


     It's the main reason I'm not "going after" people and pointing fingers.  Doing that is not going to provide a solution.  Besides, I'm involved, as well, I could just as easily point the finger at myself.  And there are times I do...


     If Mark doesn't find placement, I forsee drastic consequences for him and maybe more importantly, someone else.

Wednesday, May 7th, 2003 - 10:35pm 

     Mark was released from County Jail at 4:23am and arrested for drunk in public at 10:35pm.

Mark stands in the holding tank...
Eager, Mark awaits his release...

Thursday, May 8th, 2003 - 7:37pm


     Mark wandered into the laundromat again and was arrested for violating the restraining order.  He was sent to County Jail and will serve 40 days.  His release date is June 3rd, 2003He managed to stay free for 39 hours, actually 33 if you count the 6 hours he was in our custody for being drunk in public.

Wednesday, June 4th, 2003 - 2:10am


        Mark was released from County Jail yesterday (after serving only 26 of his 40 day sentence).  He was arrested today for being drunk in public.


     I spoke with a lady at Adult Protective Services (APS) and another lady at Indigant Medical Servics (IMS).  They both seemed very willing to help.  When I mentioned Mark's alcoholism, they backed off.  I then mentioned his Mark's brain damage and they backed "in", saying they think they can help.  Both of them agreed to send out a social worker to evaluate Mark for their programs.  They ended their respective conversations identically.  They both told me that their programs were strictly voluntary and that the patient/subject (Mark David Allen) could leave their program at any time.  This was, of course after he would have to agree to enter the program.  It was clear that they weren't listening to a word I was saying.  It was also clear that it was a big fat dead end.


Saturday, June 7th, 2003 - 3:35pm


     Mark was arrested for being drunk in public, again.  His calves seem to be swelling.  Varicose veins, broken vessels, and greying flesh cover his lower legs now. 


     Mark's response to me when I inquire about the health of his legs?  With a calm and somewhat joyous drawl, he shoots, "Oh, my legs, yeah, I've been in the sun."...

Mark's busted wheels...
"...I've been in the sun", says Mark.

Wednesday, June 16th, 2003 - 6:31pm


     Mark managed to stay out of sight for 9 days.  I think this is pretty amazing.  Was he sober?  Nope. 


     I suppose all things must come to an end.  Mark was arrested for being drunk in public, again. 


     It has been observed that total strangers often give Mark food, clothes, and money.  The most common and damaging "gift" he receives from strangers is alcohol.  Of course, he loves it.


Mark shows me his "ROLEX" (Timex)...
Mark is the recipient of many gifts...

Saturday, June 21st, 2003 - 8:57pm 

     Mark was arrested for being drunk in public again.  It seems like his mental functioning is getting worse by the month. 


     Mark is the proud owner of a notorious obscenity-laden monologue has now become his new favorite.  He used to do this 2 or 3 times over a 6 hour period.  Now, he's performing it every few minutes.  It never deviates.  If you stop him mid-way through (like his other phrases), he pauses, then continues at the very spot he was stopped.  He compulsively must complete the monologue.


     Mark delivers this to women, his own grandmother, anyone who'll listen--or won't listen, for that matter.  It always ends with him making a fist and punching his open palm.  This speech is also accompanied by his trademark glance (sauteed with a pinch of guilt) and a Leprechaun-esque cackle, which seems to suck the harm out of the whole thing.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2003 - 9:48pm


     Mark was arrested for being drunk in public again.  He was spotted unconscious by an officer in front of a donut shop.  There used to be days when he'd arrive in somewhat presentable clothing.  Not anymore.  Mark often arrives with his clothes urine-soaked many times through.  He smells like the satan's kitty-box to the tenth power.



     Only 5 hours after his release, Mark was arrested again for being drunk in public.  He was found lying in someone's yard, soaked in his own urine. 


     While Mark was being cleared for booking at the hospital, he defecated all over himself and urinated directly on medical equipment in the emergency room.  His blood alcohol level was measured at .45... 


     The progress to get Mark into Huntington Beach Hospital's psychiatric ward (to await 30 days for an assignment to a conservatorship) has hit a "beauracratic snag".  Apparently the hospital is concerned as to who will pay for the bed that Mark stays in during his 30 day hold. 


     Huntington Beach Hospital has a contract with the County Jail.  The doctor that has directed me to Huntington Beach Hospital has informed me that the County Jail will pay for his stay.  Still, the hospital appears to be dragging their feet.  Our local hospital doesn't have the contract with the County Jail (which seems to be why Mark could go through the E.R. almost 300 times and not have anything resembling a solution attempt, I could be wrong, but it appears that the interpersonal infrastructure is just not in place for anything to happen). 


     I've spent an enormous amount of time trying to find the right doctor at that right location to aid in this process...And I do.  I finally find a doctor who has the nerve and the know-how to put Mark into a place--at the same time that I have the police department educated and up to speed on possible alternatives and now it's a money issue?  How much money has to be spent shuttling this guy back and forth from Main Street to Fantasyland for someone to make a change that will actually save money in the long run. 


     If any of the "powers that be" have read any of the reports that I've put together over the years, they must realize that it's not a newsflash that Mark isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. 


     How many hundreds of thousands of dollars do the citizens have to pay?  Paramedic costs, overtime police officer costs, E.R. bills, county jail bills, court costs, etc...  It's endless.  And now someone wants to say it's too expensive?...

Wednesday, June 25th, 2003 - 2:00am


     A brief 4 hours of freedom...Mark is arrested again for being drunk in public.


Despite Mark's many shortcomings...He thrives...
Mark is relentless...

 Friday, June 27th, 2003 - 5:15pm

     Mark got arrested for being drunk in public.  This time, one of his scheduled court appearances has been eclipsed and is now a warrant.  A number of pending court appearances are ahead of him.  Almost daily a new warrant will be issued.  County Jail will now accept him with a warrant, so off he goes...Again.

Saturday, August 30th, 2003 - 6:45am


     After spending the bulk of the Summer in County Jail for various arrests, Mark is released...Six and a half hours later he is arrested for being drunk in public.  County Jail is 11 miles from our city.  I don't know how Mark made it here, got drunk, got noticed, and got arrested--But he did.  Amazing.  We released him 6 hours later.


August 30th, 2003
August 30th, Mark rolls in, not look so good...

Sunday, August 31st, 2003 - 2:15pm


     12 hours and 15 minutes later, Mark was back...Drunk in public.  He was released 6 hours after that.


 Monday, September 1st, 2003 - 10:15pm 

     26 hours and 15 minutes later, Mark was arrested again for being drunk in public.  He was released 6 hours later.


September 1st, 2003
September 1st, 2003

Thursday, September 4th, 2003 - 12:05pm


     What's going on here?  Mark somehow stayed out of trouble and lasted 3 days without being arrested?  Amazing.  Maybe he's on a roll?  But he was arrested and then released 6 hours later.


September 4th, 2003
Mark's right eye is swollen shut from a fall...

Saturday, September 6th, 2003 - 6:36pm


     Mark was found in a womens public restroom.  Apparently he was masturbating.  He was transported to County Jail for 647(d)PC-loittering in a toilet.  Later the charge was "clarified" as soliciting a lewd act.  This type of behavior seems inevitable for Mark because his awareness is deteriorating.  I don't know if he's even able to contemplate a lewd act.  Nevertheless, his pants were down and he was touching himself.  I've seen him on a bench with his pants down before--But he was asleep.  Either way, the margin for error with this stuff is pretty narrow, therefore it's inappropriate anyway you look at it.  Mark is still viewed as someone who is capable of taking care of himself, which makes him liable for such behavior.


     Maybe Mark will get some time.  In the 7 day span that Mark was out of County Jail--He was arrested 5 times...

Sunday, September 7th, 2003 - 10:30am


     Mark is released from County Jail after 14 hours in custody.  Huh?  Yep.

Monday, September 15th, 2003 - 5:50pm


     Somehow, Mark stays out of jail for a week.  Then, he comes in today for being drunk in public.  Officers have been heard talking about seeing him, but like always, he's not arrested unless it's a problematic situation.  There's a lot of tolerance as the department works hard to find a way to solve this ongoing problem. 


     Contrary to what might be construed, Mark is actually avoided.  It's no pleasure for the officers to arrest him and foul up their unit, then sit at the hospital for close to 3 hours, then go through his urine-damaged clothing and property.  It's a long distasteful process.  Certainly, they see the futility in all of this... 


     Anyone that thinks the cops go after Mark doesn't see the truth and reality of the situation.  The police department just wants Mark to get well, lay low, or go away.  If there is a problem or a medical aid, no one ever complains, but they're certainly not "picking on him". 


     Recently, there has been some progress in lining up hospitals that would keep Mark locked in a 3 day, then a 14 day, and then hopefully a 30 day conservertorship.  The stumbling block continues to be financing.  Who will pay for this?  Inevitably, if Mark says the right things to the right doctor, he'll get out. 


     A couple things stand in the way of Mark finding permanent placement; he has no alarming quantifiable mental illness and he's "just an alcoholic".  OBS (Organic Brain Syndrome) certainly poses a situation where an indvidual could be gravely disabled and unable to care for themself, but Mark is young and he just drinks too much, so he slips through the system.  Of course all these experts don't give much though to the fact that it's a lot harder to quit drinking if you have brain damage, hell, it's hard enough for some "fully functional" adults to quit, who are we kidding here?


     Mark will never stay locked up until he does something really "crazy" (on purpose) or something that is labeled "crazy" (because he doesn't have a clue that he's directing traffic with his kidneys).  I just wonder who the victim of that act will be?  Someone innocent, I imagine...But no one wants to think about that.   Mark's just a drunk.  It's nice and simple and clean, that way.  It's also a joke.


   Still, I've realized that I must match Mark's endurance with an unrelenting endurance of my own.  I cannot stop until I find some reasonable resolution.  And now, with the department and the hospitals help, there is hope... 

After this mugshot, MDA vanished...Again...
How much time is left for Mark David Allen?

Tuesday, September 16th, 2003 - 3:15pm

     An officer was patrolling the beach when a man on a bicycle approached him and told him about a "guy" who was lying the beach.  He said, "Hey, officer, there's a guy that really needs help."  The officer immediately knew who the man was referring to...Mark David Allen.  The guy then said, "His name is Mark and he needs to get out of this destructive environment.  I can help him.  I'm gonna go get my car and drive him up to Los Angeles to the 'Circle of Friends'". 

     Moments later, the guy returned with his car and the officer then witnessed the guy pick up Mark and drive away.  Just like that, Mark was officially gone.  


     The officer told me this story and I wondered about many things...  Would this work?  When would this guy tire of Mark's routine?  When would Mark be back?  Would he be back?  Worse yet, I wondered if this guy was some sort of creep with bad intentions... 

   If this guy's goal was less than savory or involved some plan to dispose of Mark, I've got two words for him, "Good luck".  If survival is the bet, my money's on Mark David Allen, anyday...

Friday, October 24th, 2003 - 12:30pm


     One of our officers was at the County Jail and looked over and saw Mark standing in intake center.  The officer then asked MDA where he'd been?  Mark proudly retorted, "I went to a Steely Dan concert, brah!"


     For 39 days, no one knows where Mark was, or what he did.  Not since he was considered missing in Hawaii, has anyone had this difficult of a time trying to locate him.  The mysterious guy that loaded Mark into his car in an effort to help him was just as "invisible".  Even now that Mark was at County Jail, the question is, "How did he get there?"


     Mark is now serving multiple sentences for failing to appear on his drunk in public arrests, the lewd conduct and loitering charge, and the violation of his probation (part of his probation is that he's not supposed to drink...Heh.) 


     Mark is due to be released on February 21st, next year (2004).  This gives him the perfect chance to start the new year nice and dry.  I pray it lasts more than 24 hours.


     Mark David Allen has contractually agreed to be covered by David J. Sperling of Furious Love Inc., on this website, in all recording formats, in the ongoing documentary, and in a book or any other written or photographic materials.
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